CACobb Area
VERNVolunteer Emergency Radio Network

Get a Radio… and Save a Life! Might even be your own.
Join your fellow individuals on the airwaves in Cobb!
Prepare yourself to deal with emergencies.
Share info efficiently about emergency situations.
Learn how to call for help even when the phone/Internet/power goes down!

Be part of our Community preparedness exercises… It’s easy…
We have “Radio Check-Ins” Every Wednesday at 6:30pm (Winter 2020 Schedule).

VERN & CAVERN Overview (a quick glance so you know why you’re here)

CAVERN Radio Net Info Pages

Intro to Network Control (can you run a radio network in an emergency?)
RS Codes (how to say ‘I Can’t Hear You‘ using easy readability codes)
Sample Check-In Script (how we run a “directed net” radio check-in)
Useful Links (WIP)

Work in Progress:
Emergency Channel (only want to hear real emergency info?)
How to Check-In (our weekly preparedness exercises)
Recommended Radios (CAVERN pre-programmed radios)
RT22 Channels Explained (CAVERN’s pre-programmed FRS channels)
Operating Your Radio (any FRS or GMRS radio)

CAVERN Groups: 1/Boggs, 2/Cobb, 3/BottleRock, 4/Hobergs, 5/Seigler, 6/Hannah

VERN Mesh Network Development Pages

+ Mesh Network Progress Report
+ CAVERN Tee Shirts
+ VERN development at the Harmless Little Project

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