CAVERN is a cooperative effort between the nonprofit CryptoRights Foundation, Inc (CRF) and the local town council’s Communications Committee (formed in 2016 as a response to the 2015 Valley Fire destruction) to create a robust public safety communications and information mechanism to support the community during emergencies, especially the wildfires to which the Cobb area and Lake County in general are both particularly vulnerable.

Cobb Area Volunteer Emergency Radio Network

NOTE: “CAVERN” is a local network for the areas around the town of Cobb and Cobb Mountain, if you’re wondering why it’s the Cobb Area Volunteer Emergency Radio Network (thus: “CAVERN“). FYI, the nonprofit CryptoRights Foundation (CRF) is using constructive feedback from the World to create a knowledgebase of information for a generic Volunteer Emergency Radio Network website. That website will be a free resource (e.g. downloadable freeware) that any group or community can use to build it’s own VERN so everyone within range can communicate in emergencies that suddenly knock out other media. To support this research and development into public use of public airwaves for public safety, CRF plans to offer project merchandise, crowdfunding opportunities and commercial licenses: proceeds will benefit contributors to this important public benefit work. Please send small tax-deductible donations (stapled to really large ones? 😉 ) using the ‘Donate info in the sidebar to support this volunteer-driven nonprofit digital human rights R&D. Thank You!

CAVERN, the Cobb Area Volunteer Emergency Radio Network, is part of the Harmless Little Project* from the nonprofit public benefit CryptoRights Foundation (CRF) a human rights security research & development organization (aka ‘Cryptographers Without Borders’ during its early ‘muddy boots’ period doing human rights fieldwork and war crimes investigations) hiding in plain sight since 1998. CRF is leveraging the CAVERN community organizing work and constructive user feedback to build a toolkit, including radio documentation, downloadable programming templates, community organizing tools, online services and (eventually) downloadable hardware specs for a radio mesh netwrok node prototype. This R&D work supports the Cobb community in the short-to-medium term, and will eventually also be released free to the Public (website under development) so people anywhere at risk from communications failures due to natural/manmade disasters will have some options that do not leave them dependent on profit-driven corporations and non-optimal government agencies. What can you do to support this public benefit work?

The Mission of the CAVERN project is:
(A) to organize general community communications and improve them for emergency preparedness and response;
(B) to introduce low-cost technology that enhances those communications, and;
(C) to introduce a radio mesh network —aka a ‘supernet‘— that can continue to provide a community and emergency responders with connectivity — even when normal communications (e.g. from ISPs and cellular networks) are suddenly and/or indefinitely unavailable.

CAVERN is CRF’s way of supporting the safety of the Cobb community in the future fire/weather/etc emergencies and eventually providing the same communications empowerment and support to at-risk communities everywhere.

* see HarmlessLittleProject.org/wiki/ …N.B.: please create a (validated) CamelCase “WikiName” to login.