If you need something, wether that’s answers about the CAVERN project, or help getting a low-cost CAVERN pre-programmed FRS/GMRS radio or a CAVERN_ID (aka “C_ID”), please send email to CAVERN Network Control, aka “NetCon”, with a coherent request and/or constructive feedback.

CAVERN also has low-volume Mailing Lists at
CAVERN Announcements

NetCon [at] CAVERN . mobi

CAVERN Volunteers:

Dav – (CRF) general questions, funding/donations, community organizing, network control, documentation, GMRS license assistance, mesh radio network prototypes.
em: Dav [at]
ph: +1 4l5 333 3OO3
gmrs: WRDR976
C_ID: “BottleRock One” (Group 3)

Mel – (CAC) group/CAVERN_ID assignments, radio check-ins, network control, FRS/GMRS radio acquisition & pre-programming, GMRS license assistance.
em: Mel [at]
ph: +1 7O7 928 O289
gmrs: WREK301
C_ID: “Siegler One” (Group 5)

CAVERN Airwaves:

CAVERN Network Control and/or CAVERN’s GMRS operators are often (but not always) monitoring the network.

Our Main CAVERN Repeater on Hobergs Hill, for weekly Check-Ins and daily non-emergency traffic can be found at a frequency of 462.550 Megahertz with a DCS tone of D071N.

Tune in to CAVERN’s Emergency Alert Channel if you prefer to hear only the bad news, at the same frequency (462.550) but with a CTCSS tone of 103.5 hertz.