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CAVERN’s preprogrammed Retevis RT 22 radios channels match the way most FRS/GMRS radios are programmed, but only for the first few channels. This is because the RT22 only has 16 channels and cannot transmit at the legally required 0.5 Watts for FRS channels 8-14 (so we left those out for now).

What this means in practical terms is that on CAVERN pre–programmed FRS radios (e.g. the “Retevis RT22”), Channels 1-7 correspond to most off-the-shelf FRS radios, HOWEVER: CAVERN’s Channels 8-16 are NOT programmed to the standard frequencies and tones.

This table below shows: pre-programmed CAVERN channel locations (in the first column); the corresponding normal “Standard” FRS and GMRS channel location for most non-CAVERN radios (i.e. the “factory settings”) and; additional CAVERN frequency & tone settings for radios (i.e. to help limit Main Repeater access to Cobb Area volunteers):

CAVERN ChStandard ChFreq/Tone (Info)
1Ch 1(Group 1 Boggs)
2Ch 2(Group 2 Cobb)
3Ch 3(Group 3 BottleRock)
4Ch 4(Group 4 Hobergs)
5Ch 5(Group 5 Seigler)
6Ch 6(Group 6 Hannah)
7Ch 7TBD (not used by CAVERN)
8Ch 15462.550 Megahertz
+ DCS: D071N
(CAVERN Repeater
/ Daily Talk
& Weekly Check-Ins)
9Ch 15462.550 Megahertz
+ CTCSS: 103.5 hertz (aka “tone #13”)
(CAVERN Emergency Alerts/Tests ONLY)
10-16Ch 16-22TBD (not used by CAVERN)

6 thoughts on “CAVERN Channels”

    1. yes, I understand your specific intent for specific practical reasons.
      there is nothing wrong with that
      on the other hand please consider one thing if you may:
      If something/ anything needs multiple charts and cross references in order to be quickly used
      that alone contradicts the definition of “simple”

      what you’ve done is actually went seemingly too far to accommodate the lowest common denominator (in practical not negative sense) and by doing so obscured the relevant information as it is necessary to be given in universal sense. This conundrum seems to occur often so congrats on running into it at the beginning 🙂
      there are in fact other frs/gmrs hybrid radios with yet different channel arrangement those charts don’t cover…

  1. Answer: because CAVERN is a grassroots effort, initially working to educate Everyone at all radio skill levels how to use radios to talk to each other across mountainous terrain. All of us are at risk from wildfires and other emergencies.

    CAVERN is not a forum for radio enthusiasts who already know what frequencies/tones/etc are and how to use them. That’s why we’re preprogramming FRS/GMRS radios to make things super easy for folks who wouldn’t know how to use raw frequency numbers. The channels you seem to disdain are not arbitrary: they correspond to our Firewise groups (1-6) for ease of use by novices. BTW, what Cobb Firewise group are you in? Have you been to any of our physical meetings? Can you somehow help others learn how to use the basic radios we’re making available?

    Our more knowlegeable local HAM radio operators and the GMRS-licensed radio operators are helping their fellow citizens to learn about this stuff. If you know about radio frequencies, maybe you can go teach your Firewise neighbors what’s up? In the short term, they need to be able to talk to each other, not to learn to be radio geeks. CAVERN is focused on practical outcomes.

    If you’re far away from the Cobb Area and you want to start a VERN in your area, let me know and we’ll add you to the Announcements mailing list so that –once we have the VERN mesh radio technology package developed (training/organizing documents, FOSS software and mesh network hardware designs)– you can create a VERN with your fellow citizens in your area too. And the best part about that is that it will use WiFi-capable smartphones, so nobody will ever have to learn about frequencies (unless they really want to) in order not to get burned out or perish in a disaster.

    PS: we do have frequency listings for those who want them (that’s what Mel used to preprogram our GMRS and FRS radios). I’m sure Mel will post that raw information when he can, but at the moment, we’re dealing with the Kincade fire. We’re in an evacuation warning zone as I write this, with the fires still dangerously close to us and hurricane winds changing directions frequently. So, we don’t have the luxury of being ‘radio buffs’ at the moment. Over time, all that raw data will end up on this site.

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    [Moderator’s Note: hi there, sorry I don’t have a way to email you. But you have a way to email me! There are email links all over the home page. So, if you want to connect and you actually exist, use any one of those links to reach out. ]

    1. hi there, sorry I don’t have a way to email you. But you have a way to email me! There are email links all over the home page. So, if you want to connect and you actually exist, use any one of those links to reach out.

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