A Page for Useful Links

This page of Useful Links will eventually have many categories and links collected over time from far and wide. But for now, it’s simply divided into Radio and Mesh for the present and future, respectively, and Random as a catch-all category for items we don’t yet have a category for just yet.

If you have a link to contribute, please send constructive suggestions to NetCon. If a link below seem broken or obsolete or you’d like to join the team and help maintain pages like this, please let NetCon know.

Radio Links

+ RadioOverview [Radio Hardware Overview]
+ RadioPurchasing [How to Acquire a CAVERN Pre-Programmed FRS or GMRS Radio]
+ RadioUse [How to Use Your CAVERN-Programmed FRS/GMRS Radio]
+ RadioProtocols [Radio Protocols]
+ RadioLicenses [How to Get a GMRS Radio License from the FCC]
General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS licenses at the FCC)

Mesh Links

+ [create a wikiname login and notify NetCon (see email link above) to have it enabled]
+ More…

Random Info to be Collected and/or Categorized

+ LessonsLearned [Lessons Learned from Previous Disasters… might be a good category?]
+ Membership Roster [available to CAVERN members only]
+ Intro to Ham Radio and Technician Training Class [YouTube]
+ Cutting edge amateur radio study tools
+ ARRL Exams Page: ‘Ham Cram’ classes and much more!
+ Lake County Alerts: sign up for Lake County alerts via the officially-recommended Everbridge service.

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