How to Check-In

CAVERN Map Explanation
How does it all work?

Anyone who hears our net is welcome to check in, you do not need Call sign or ID. You can check in with a first name or even a “handle.” We begin by testing our emergency channels.

Check-ins proceed by Cobb “Firewise” groups. This is a directed net, meaning all communication goes through “net control.” It basically means you don’t transmit until given the go-ahead by “net-control” (the person running the net.) Transmissions should be as short as possible, so to ask permission to speak, use small phrases such as “net-control+firstname” or “question” or “comment.” Unlike CB the phrase “break” is reserved for emergencies in the GMRS world. When net-control says go ahead proceed with your “traffic” (transmission, communication.) Non-check-in messages should be succinct and benefit all listeners. There is always time to chitchat following net.

When you hear your firewise group called, reply with your first name plus CAVERN ID or GMRS callsign. I.E. “Betty, Seigler 87” or “Angelo WRCE720”. If you don’t know or have an ID simply first name or even “handle/nickname” (we understand some may want to be anonymous or parents have their kids use pseudonyms.) If you do not get acknowledgement from Net-control, try again, even during other groups time. If you hear a distant or weak station that net-control does not, say “relay” during a gap and pass on the info when net-control gives go-ahead. (Listen with squelch off to hear weak stations.)

Hannah 1: “Relay”

Net-Control: “Go ahead Relay”

Hannah 1: “Checking in Hannah 007”

Net-Control: “Thanks Brett. Brenda is checked -in”

This is how you do it!

Hannah 123: “Breaker-break. This is Hannah 123 aka Josh aka WTFD749. I’m hearing someone pretty weak out there might be Brenda, dunno. Anyway I really like the new website. Go ahead and check me and my dog in. This is Wiskey-Tango-Foxtrot-Delta 74 niner. Back to Net. “

Net-Control: Josh you stepped on Brett. Go ahead Brett repeat relay.

this is how definitely NOT to do it!

…now imagine “Relay” above is “New Fire Info” and you see why practicing Net protocol is important. Short and direct is the ticket!

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