Recommended Radios

Most FRS or GMRS radios will work CAVERN however we’ve made it easy with 2 pre-programmed FCC approved radios.


The RT22 is one of the first high power 2 watt FRS radios available. It is FCC type 95 approved (meaning legal to use without a license*.) We buy them in bulk so a pair can be had for a mere $25 already programmed (and that price will drop soon!) these are short range radios 1/2 mile to 2 miles is the practical range, great for connecting a neighborhood. Contact for information or to get one.


The BTECH GMRS-V1 is a 5 Watt GMRS repeater capable radio/scanner. Transmitting requires a GMRS $70 10-year family license. It can be purchased directly from Amazon but often has some pre-programmed on hand. Price varies $50-60. Practical range is 1-5 miles but with a repeater 20-100+ is normal. Also works as a scanner which can monitor Calfire, Sheriff, weather, Ham radio and more.

Other Radios
Popular FRS radios

Most FRS radios can access the CAVERN channel and GMRS radios the CAVERN repeater. In addition many 10-50 watt commercial mobile radios can be programmed for CAVERN. Contact if you already have a radio or are interested in high power GMRS.

* technically when you operate an FRS radio you are automatically “licensed by rule.”

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