August updates


Come visit our CAVERN table at the Blackberry COBBler event on 24 August. We may have FRS and GMRS radios, and possibly even CAVERN tee shirts available (for a tax-deductible donation to support the project).

CAVERN Radio Checks continue weekly on Saturdays at 1:00PM (and sometimes at 8:00AM for sparrows), and we’re also now doing a new Radio Check on Wednesdays at 6:30PM during fire season. Thanks to Larry S, we have a good repeater high over Cobb where a lot of people can reach it by radio. Mel and I are hoping to expand this with two more repeaters once we solve the “tone problem”. If you are a radio nerd and can help us with that, please email me at <dave [at]>.

Meanwhile, we’re working on some prototypes of the first mesh network nodes. (see photo). They are magnificently crude, but we will be testing them in 2019. If you get a tee shirt, you’ll be signed up to help test a very early prototype of the mesh node.


The first three CAVERN mesh network node prototypes starting to talk to each other in our lead developer’s lab.

PS: get on our CAVERN Announcements list so you get the latest news!

Author: Dav

Dav works on the Harmless Little Project (HLP) for the CryptoRights Foundation (CRF) at their CIPHR ThinkTank near Cobb. He's co-lead investigator for the VERN mesh network component in the HLP architecture and lead developer on the VERN Community Organizing Toolkit. As a member of the Cobb Area Council (CAC) Communications Committee, he is the liaison between the CAC and the ThinkTank's Cobb Area VERN research and development (including this CAVERN website). Dav regularly volunteers as a FFLA fire lookout for CALFIRE at the Konocti Tower in Lake County.

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