New Alpha Node CAVERN Tee Shirts

Here’s a draft design for the first incarnation of the CAVERN Tee Shirt.

Have you got ideas for a good tee shirt design?
Please email me ideas!    D [at]

CRF wants to get a few of these printed up for people who are willing to help underwrite a prototype node at their place, so it would help to hear feedback. If you mention what size you want made for you, that helps too.

As soon as I can find a local tee shirt printing company and get their price per item, I’ll let everyone know the suggested donation (under $100, deductible) that will cover the limited-run Alpha Node shirts and the prototype components. CRF will cover more than half of the hardware costs.

Author: Dav

Dav works on the Harmless Little Project (HLP) for the CryptoRights Foundation (CRF) at their CIPHR ThinkTank near Cobb. He's co-lead investigator for the VERN mesh network component in the HLP architecture and lead developer on the VERN Community Organizing Toolkit. As a member of the Cobb Area Council (CAC) Communications Committee, he is the liaison between the CAC and the ThinkTank's Cobb Area VERN research and development (including this CAVERN website). Dav regularly volunteers as a FFLA fire lookout for CALFIRE at the Konocti Tower in Lake County.

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