New Alpha Node CAVERN Tee Shirts

Here’s a draft design for the first incarnation of the CAVERN Tee Shirt.

Have you got ideas for a good tee shirt design?
Please email me ideas!    D [at]

CRF wants to get a few of these printed up for people who are willing to help underwrite a prototype node at their place, so it would help to hear feedback. If you mention what size you want made for you, that helps too.

As soon as I can find a local tee shirt printing company and get their price per item, I’ll let everyone know the suggested donation (under $100, deductible) that will cover the limited-run Alpha Node shirts and the prototype components. CRF will cover more than half of the hardware costs.

Author: Dav

Dav works on the Harmless Little Project (HLP) for the CryptoRights Foundation (CRF) at their CIPHR ThinkTank near Cobb, which includes the VERN project and the CAVERN project.

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