CAVERN Member Signup!

The purpose of the CAVERN network is to help everyone to keep each other safe from fires and other disasters, so some Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is needed. Happily, the project sponsor is a nonprofit privacy org that seeks a healthy balance between public safety & personal privacy.
Our project’s solution is to store Members’ PII in these two places:
(1) A public CAVERN Member DB (database) that other members can see,
which contains only first_name, last_initial, CAVERN_ID and GMRS_callsign.
(Members: contact NetCon to download the most recent PDF here);
(2) A private Admin Member DB for emergencies or to admin the project.*
So… each human being on the CAVERN network, please fill out the form below.
Network Control will use this info and an abacus to assign your unique CAVERN_ID.

CAVERN Member Signup Form
   FirstName & LastName (we only use FirstNames on the radio — LastNames are kept Private!)
   Prefer to be known by a Pseudonym on the air? Just enter it above. (For Parents signing up a Minor …or Fun People.)
   Kept Private! In an emergency, Network Control may need to call/text you.
Please check your location using this high-resolution map of CAVERN's Groups.
If you already have a CAVERN_ID, please help us to update your Membership info.
Example: "BottleRock 92"
Remember: every person gets their own ID !
   Kept Private!  Please subscribe to the "Announcements" list at:
   Kept Private! Never published (or used for targeting ICBMs).
   Please enter your Callsign here if you already have a GMRS license from the FCC (this is public info).
   If you have a current FCC HAM Radio License, please enter it above.
   Don't yet have an FRS radio to listen for emergency alerts?
   Want a GMRS radio so you can talk on the Main GMRS Repeater?
   Network Control can help you get a pre-programmed radio !
   CAVERN is seeking community organizing volunteers AND tax-deductible donations to help cover costs.
   (Note: the CryptoRights nonprofit's "Harmless Little Project" is the parent of VERN & CAVERN).
   How can you help the CAVERN community? Please share ideas or just give us your thoughts!

* We’ve reduced data collection and give you options to decline anything not directly affecting safety. Your last initial will do: your full legal name is optional. Using a pseudonym helps parents with minors who could save lives with a radio (our favorite: Hobergs 4 is “Peekaboo”). As for where you are: if you think emergency help can “probably” get to you by sending first responders to an intersection near you, that’s your call (the more precise the better). With your address, we can also do useful things like figuring out if you can “see” the CAVERN Main Repeater #1 or determine if you’ll have line-of-sight to members in other groups. The Admin Member DB has a few more fields but is only accessible to the Cobb Communications Committee co-chairs and the nonprofit’s research director. The responsible adults have agreed to use the information only for reasonable expediencies or very specific emergency cases. For example, if we hear from one operator that another needs urgent help but can’t tell us where to send it, we’ll look up the location and relay it to the FD. We may also need to let people know about changes to the network that may impact their communications or safety, like adding or moving a Repeater. The project sponsor, a nonprofit R&D thinktank, may announce the testing of some aspect of the radio network or the R&D Mesh network hardware prototypes some CAVERN members may be want to test, etc.