A Radio Station? In Cobb?!

Calling All Stations!

Is there anybody out there willing to help us put together a radio station in Cobb, operated 24/7 by teams of young people?

CRF* is now starting (1Q2021) to develop a partnership (WIP) with another small local nonprofit which includes the goal of putting RadioCobb online and on the airwaves from a location in Cobb (near the Post Office) and possibly getting some kind of support from Lake County. It will be connected to the Cobb Area Volunteer Emergency Radio Network, which will be able to interrupt the radio station’s broadcast with brief CAVERN emergency alerts (in case of fire) as well as send out a “siren tone” over the airwaves in case of a major disaster or evacuation order.

We need feedback from the Cobb Area community. Would you please take 2 minutes to let us know a few quick things using the handy form below? We really need a few radio-savvy local people to help us launch this public information and safety service that gives young people the opportunity to serve the community both creatively and with an important purpose.

RadioCobb Community Survey #1
Just pick ONE (hopefully not the dog).
Please check all that apply to you.
If you want us to get in touch with you about this idea, we'll only use the email you give us here for that one purpose.
Donations are tax-deductible at the Harmless Little Project website for the CAVERN Project's parent Project VERN.

* CRF (CryptoRights Foundation) is the nonprofit behind the CAVERN project and it’s parent Project VERN (Volunteer Emergency Radio Network), which itself is part of CRF’s Harmless Little Project (Human Rights Technology R&D) effort.

Author: Dav

Dav works on the Harmless Little Project (HLP) for the CryptoRights Foundation (CRF) at their CIPHR ThinkTank near Cobb, which includes the VERN project and the CAVERN project.

2 thoughts on “A Radio Station? In Cobb?!”

  1. Are we talking a BROADCAST Radio Station ?
    LPAM or LPFM ???

    I worked as a Commercial Broadcast Engineer, and Network Uplink Tech for a number of years in Oakland and in Lakeport.

    1. Hi Bruce,

      The proposal we’re developing has two components, (1) the community component and (2) the technical component.

      1. We’re forming a partnership with another local nonprofit that organizes educational youth programs. CryptoRights (CRF) would like to organize local people (starting with young people) to create a public information service called “RadioCobb” (content TBD by the participants, to include public safety info). We’d like to give classes (online using our current conferencing server and in person, once that becomes possible again, at the physical office near the Cobb Post Office) to teach young people (of all ages) about radio technology and get them excited about developing some content proposals, making audition tapes for the rotating DJ roles and then staffing up the service. The DJs could work from home or from the office once groups of people want to have panel discussions.

      2. The technical side would involve transmitting radio frequencies, but possibly not in the same way a traditional radio station does (which as you know requires special licensing). The inputs might include several audio sources, e.g. the ‘main station’ youth DJ content, as well as with CAVERN members alerting each other to emergency conditions using their GMRS radios (and possibly also calling in over the phone and/or the Internet?). The output would be sent over the CRF radio mesh network currently under development, which is where things get interesting. Our “mesh” is being designed to use WiFi frequencies (no special license required) between its solar-powered rooftop nodes as well as being able to leverage wired Internet connections when available (again, no license required) and then GMRS frequencies from the rooftop nodes to nearby handheld GMRS radios with line-of-sight (in this way, the nodes will function as a GMRS radio repeater sending signals over the last few yards to CAVERN members with GMRS radios, which you do not require a license to listen with). The rooftop nodes could also be able (with the right antennae) to emit very low-power (0.1W?) FM radio signals that could be received inside the house below using a standard FM radio. We’ll have to look into that, but a signal that low may not require a license, since it’s truly “in house” in the technical sense.

      However, exactly how RadioCobb’s output signals might be sent is still TBD and the project would greatly benefit from the engineering experience and advice from someone like yourself. Also, I bet the youth would be particularly thrilled to meet a real radio engineer in person and learn how radio works.

      Now, I’m no expert like you, but I think this would fall under the conceptual rubric of a “micro” radio station, albeit NOT the technical definition. However, the goal is to see if there’s a way to accomplish the dissemination of public safety information signals without requiring that the Eff-See-See be involved. So, one of the questions we’re trying to answer is how this might be accomplished efficiently using innovative tech and doing so under the proverbial radar…


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