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Cobb Mountain is in the County of Lake in beautiful northern California just south of the spectacular Clear Lake. We have a lot of big fires here, including the 2015 Valley Fire and the 2018 Mendocino Complex Fire (both among the most destructive in recorded California history). Therefore, we the citizens of the Cobb Mountain area are organizing ourselves into groups of networked volunteer emergency radio operators to alert and aid one another in local fire and other emergencies rapidly. We also want to provide an ongoing emergency communication avenue in the event that other forms of communication (i.e. cell phones) are unavailable.

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This wiki is our collectively-edited document: it is intended to organize, research, generate and refine website content for the public CAVERN website (under construction). CAVERN is a cooperative effort between the Cobb Area Council and the Harmless Little Project, a fiscal project of the CryptoRights Foundation, Inc. (aka 'CRF', a 501c3 nonprofit human rights security org based on Cobb Mountain).

Donations to CRF's public benefit CAVERN project are tax-deductible. Please donate generously to the mesh radio network under development for CAVERN so we can connect everyone on the mountain through their smartphones. We're building something that can alert your mountain neighbors and first-responders in emergencies (and video-share)! We need to buy hardware for prototypes and 3D-print some custom components: we need lots of grassroots donors giving just a little bit ($27 each?). Please email Admin[at] or call 4l5.333.3OO3 to make a donation and receive a deductible donation receipt.

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