Radio Protocols

Basic Radio Operations

Radio Network Protocols


Keep your Emergency Radio fully-charged at all times! As a Volunteer Emergency Radio Operator, you won't be able to save yourself or your fellow Cobblers if you can't hear 'The Call' when it goes out.

To participate in General CAVERN communications:

-> Set any GMRS or FRS radio to Radio to Channel 15 (462.550Mhz) (no privacy tone) -> Set any GMRS repeater capable Radio to Repeater Channel 15 (467.550MHz Input/ 462.550Mhz Output) You will hear all General Updates (as well as any Emergency Alerts/Test announcements)

To L (or send)an Emergency Alert (e.g. immediate threat to Cobb area)

(Use the +/- buttons to switch channels as necessary.)

                "Emergency… Emergency! FIRE ALERT!
                 This is Dave on High Valley Road.
                 I am eye witness to a fire spreading rapidly at
                        High Valley Rd near Adler Creek bridge.
                        Half mile WEST of Bottle Rock Road.
                 FIRE started about 6 pm… Current time 6:18 pm.
                 Fire is still small, less than an acre.
                 Winds are light.
                 Fire is moving SOUTH.
                 911 has been called. Please alert people you know in the area.
                 Are there any high powered GMRS users monitoring who can relay?"


When you press the talk button, start by using a phrase below, then speak your MemberID.

Your MemberID should have been assigned to you when you got your CAVERN radio (if not, ask the person you got it from).

Our FRS radio protocol is to use your MemberID and/or First Name and then as little jargon as possible.

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